Enwave Seattle at Utility Studio

Since 2004, Enwave Seattle has used UtilityStudio for critical information management needs. Beginning with customer invoicing, production reporting, and a customer portal, their solution has grown to encompass an IPAD Mobile Meter Reading App, Biomass Fuel Management and Energy Star Web Services.

Our web-based software delivery model offers users the ability to view all aspects of the system from any location, via the Internet.  Because the UtilityStudio platform is a secure and scalable base for web development, Enwave Seattle had direct access to our development servers to monitor progress and provide instantaneous feedback on software functionality and new features.  Cloud-based software delivery also means system maintenance, off-site secure data storage and management and system upgrades occur seamlessly. Enwave Seattle also enjoys freedom from major computer hardware purchases to manage these business processes.

Enwave Seattle’s transition to UtilityStudio has resulted in greater business administration efficiency and improved customer service. Through our software development and delivery, the company’s invoicing process is now smooth, streamlined and accurate.  Invoices can go out on the first day of the month – as opposed to days, and sometimes weeks later, using the original manual system. Critical data is now easily accessible to all users, Enwave Seattle staff, vendors and customers.


Corporate Reporting

  • Production Delivery and Revenue History
  • Customer Load History
  • Meter Reading History
  • Condensate Temperature Analysis
  • Pre-formatted Graphical and Tabular Reporting
  • Export options: Excel, CSV, PDF


Mobile Meter Management

  • Mobile Data Entry via IPAD Application
  • Route Management
  • Data Collection and Review: Readings, Condensate Temperatures, Reader Notes, Meter History
  • Meter Reading Over-rides


Customer Billing & Invoice Administration

  • Customer Account, Site, Service and Meter Management
  • Rate and Rider Management
  • Automated Monthly Invoicing Cycle
  • Invoice Modification, Approval and Publication to Customer Portal
  • Accounting System Integration
  • User Administration: Roles-Based Security with Infinite Levels of Authorization and Privileges


Customer Portal

  • Invoice History
  • Usage Reporting
  • Heating Degree Days History
  • Carbon Contribution Reporting
  • Condensate Temperature Performance
  • Data Download
  • Energy Star Reporting Services Enrollment and Tracking


Biomass Boiler Fuel Management Tools

  • Fuel Inventory Reporting
  • Supplier Management: Vendors, Material Locations, Rates
  • Delivery Transactions Data Entry
  • Automated Vendor “Reverse-Invoicing” from Approved Deliveries
  • Vendor Moisture Content and Chemical Analysis Testing
  • Supplier Performance Reporting
  • Biomass Vendor Portal: Payment History, Deliveries, Moisture Content and Chemical Analysis Reporting


Energy Star Reporting Services

  • Branded Service in Portfolio Manager Web Services
  • Web Services Integration with UtilityStudio Database
  • Customer Enrollment
  • Service Activation and Reporting
  • Automated Reporting to Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Reporting Transaction History
  • Automated Service Charges in Customer Billing
  • Service Reporting in Customer Portal
  • Municipal Disclosure Ordinance Program Support